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About Us

How We Can Help You Turn
Students into Stars

Our History
Constellation Scholarship Partners opened in 2015 as a Digital Wise Inc. partner specifically focusing on all aspects of scholarship management services and non-profit technology support. Digital Wise, Inc. has been providing scholarship providers technology support for almost 20 years.

Why Constellation Partners is the Right Partner


Constellation Scholarship Partners, in conjunction with their technology partner, Digital Wise, Inc. have been providing scholarship services for almost 20 years.

Personal Touch

Your mission and your applicants are not just numbers to our team. We pride ourselves on personal interaction with your in-house team as well as understanding the mission-critical aspects of your programs.

Affordable Customization

Our applications are built for you. Your applicants don’t fit in a box and we don’t want your application to be built in one either. Each application process is built for your mission’s needs and we don’t ask you to learn a new technology to get there!


Ready to have us join you in turning your students into stars?