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Products & Solutions

Process Consultation

Are you interested in migrating your paper/pdf form to an online application or you creating your first application?  We are here to help by offering guidance on how to bring your application process online.  Our review includes a detailed outline reinforcing current goals and strategies provided by your organization, best practices to avoid pitfalls during the process, and building a plan to support the ongoing success of your programs.

Application Building

All scholarship applications are custom-built to support both general and unique eligibility criteria. 

  • Each scholarship application has an individual URL: [scholarshipprogramname]
  • Custom eligibility quizzes are available to help students save time by quickly identifying if they are qualified for your application
  • Our unique applications offer general programmatic questions enhanced by questions critical to the detailed criteria of your scholarship program. For applications that support numerous scholarship program awards, individualized skip logic is available to make sure custom questions are seen by the appropriate applicants. All application data is connected through each module ensuring that answers provided in one module remaining consistent with optional answers in other modules.
  • Automatic emails for account creation, submission, and reminder emails help students stay engaged in the application process. Text messaging can be integrated to ensure that applicants that don’t routinely use email are still aware that email has been sent.
  • Application completion in one sitting or over a period of time is available to support student schedules.
  • Data validation is included in all applications ensuring data is clean for exporting to reports and outside systems.  Applicants are alerted if validation rules are unmet.
    • Examples include:
      • No all caps or all lower case
      • Cannot say X in one section and Y in another for linked questions
      • Essays offer min/max requirements. Spelling and grammar checks can be included in essay fields.
  • Scholar Snapp technology is available on all applications.  Scholar Snapp helps students save time in applying for scholarships by allowing them to transfer their data between application forms — securely and seamlessly.

Application Management

Our services include management of not only your application process, but we can also provide support for your ongoing scholarship management.

  • Live help desk is available and supported by ZenDesk and Twilio.  Communication options include phone, online chat, and/or web form. The help desk support can be customized through online and off-line options and is managed by highly trained staff.
  • Help desk options are available for clients who prefer to offer support without a help desk contract.
  • Application pre-review – supports document verification providing a “clean” application review for the scholarship selection committee.
  • General technical support for all applicants as part of any application process.

Internal Organization Team Management

Team administration allows your organization to pre-review applicants, assign review teams, manage users, export data, generate reports, manage award acceptance, and track scholars.

Online Review

Our Online Review process allows you to have your applications reviewed by geographically diverse teams. Applications can be assigned to one or more reviewers and allow for both internal and external reviews that can combine into a single score.

Data Insights

All Help Desk clients receive real-time insights into the ongoing ZenDesk support. Microsoft’s PowerBI data visualizations are provided post-application process and post-award process for full-service clients.

Scholarship Award Acceptance

Our scholarship award acceptance process can be as simple as allowing your organization to send an award email or entering their school information. It can also be structured to allow for the creation of thank you letters and uploading FAFSA or Acceptance Letters. Thank you letters can be generated in Word or PDF to be shared internally with donors.

Scholar Management

One of the most essential details post-award is making sure your organization can keep in contact with your scholars. Our scholar’s portal allows students to maintain their profile including contact information and photos as well as track their disbursements and connect with scholars.

Alumni Portal

Alumni engagement is an integral part of your scholars’ ongoing interaction with your organization. Our alumni portal allows your organization to remain in contact with your organization as well as allow them to find each other geographically or by school/major. Your organization can offer grant applications or further contact opportunities to your alumni including donor management.

Website Advising & Development

Constellation Scholarship Partner’s technology partner Digital Wise, Inc. has been developing websites since it opened its doors in 1998. We offer the opportunity to create a new online presence for your scholarship program and/or your organization. We can also help refresh any current website including 508-compliance and mobile-ready.

Scholarship Disbursment

Our scholarship disbursement process will assist in disbursing funds to your scholars. We follow your internal practices to ensure timely payments are made to your scholars, either direct payments or to institutions, following award acceptance.